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YAPC::NA 2012 - This Has All Happened Before and Will Happen Again

YAPC::NA Series

A lot of people, when they see a public post like mine about harassment, they assume it’s the first and only incident.

Going public is seen as, let’s see what I’ve gotten so far… “hypersensitivity”, “sensationalism”, “tempest in a teapot”, “a manifesto”. What they don’t realize is it’s usually a latest (but unlikely last) in a long chain of small and large incidents. The reporter usually tried to get involved via normal channels, and were rejected. They tried to alert others and to affect reform, and were probably told it wasn’t a problem or that they should do more themselves. After that they probably withdrew quietly. By this point all community systems have failed me. Taking an incident to the court of public opinion is the last, most dangerous and most exhausting option. I risk not only the ire of the community, but of the whole internet, with the added issues which come with making a complaint public.

If you think I’m over reacting, or that I should just calm down, then let me tell about the time YAPC::NA 2012 harassed their keynote speaker for trying to discuss the Code Of Conduct.

YAPC::NA 2013 Will Not Enforce Its Code of Conduct

YAPC::NA Series

I’m not going to YAPC::NA this year.

I’d been involved with the planning process for months, speaking with the Todd Rinaldo (the conference organizer) and volunteers. I have stopped. I’d been accepted for a talk. I have withdrawn it. I’d originally been offered to do a short keynote about the deeper meaning of the Code Of Conduct, a follow up on my keynote last year. That’s not happening. I introduced three people to help out the conference: a project manager, an event coordinator and an experienced Open Source conference organizer. Two were accepted speakers. They have all withdrawn. 1

It’s Just a Joke

This was originally a post I made on PerlMonks about an entry in a poll they have on their front page which contained the choice…

None - I refuse to acknowledge the term man hours,
you patriarchical pig. But I have many person-hours.
And let me tell you.....

And what the tech community totally needs right now jokes at the expense of feminists and women right on the front page of their community web sites.

This may be a small thing, but it illustrates some pretty huge issues. What it comes down to is this: which is more important, being able to make stupid jokes at the expense of women? Or making people feel comfortable at Perlmonks? I’m going to be loud about this because there are so many in this community that will either think it’s ok or keep quiet, either out of not knowing what to say or not wanting to be involved in the backlash.

Git Text Adventure

At the PDX Git Together last night, Lyzi Diamond and many others expressed their frustration at Git, but in very constructive ways. People called for better, friendlier tutorials.

Git is hard, and if anyone tells you otherwise they’re lying.

Git is hard, and its not your fault if you don’t get it.

Eric Willhelm had one of his usual brain waves, what if Git were a text adventure game?

What if it were? Here’s how it might look…